Windows 10: Give Administrative Rights to a User Account

Administrators on Windows 10 PCs have complete control over the operating system. This can be a good and somethings a really really bad thing to do. Now why would you give admin rights to another user? I recommend only having one admin account on your Windows 10 machine, with a really good password. Futhermore you do not want to use that admin account as your login. You will want to create a local user account without admin rights and use that instead. But you are probably asking yourself, why make another admin account? Lets explore the reasons.

Why add an additional admin account on Windows 10?

Lets talk about the dangers before we get into they good reasons for adding another admin account. Having mulitiple admin accounts instantly increases your security risk. This happens because now you have multiple accounts that can compromise your system. Each additional admin also jeopordizes the other admin accounts, don’t worry I will show you how to remove admin rights as well. Futhermore, you do not need additional admin accounts but here are some good reasons to have multiple. You want another person in your house, school, or organization to have admin rights, or domain admin rights. This is a benefital to you or your organization. Just be careful not to use your administrative account to surf the web and check email. You should always use a regular user account for these tasks and use your admin creditions to install applications, modify Windows 10, or other admin task.

How to Give Administrative Rights in Windows 10

Granting admisitrative rights is very easy to do in Windows 10. First you will want to open the Settings menu. You can do this by going to the Start Menu and clicking the cog icon or pressing the Windows +I keys.

Give a user Administrative Rights in Windows 10 -1.png

From the Settings window click on the Accounts icon.

Give a user Administrative Rights in Windows 10 -2.png

On the next screen click on Family & other people, then navagate to the user account you want to give admin rights too and click on them. Underneath them will be an option to Change account type, click it.

Give a user Administrative Rights in Windows 10 -3.png

A new window will open. Click the drop down for Account type and select Administrator. Then click the OK button to grant the rights.

Give a user Administrative Rights in Windows 10 -4.png

The account you selected will now have full admin rights on your Windows 10 PC.

Remove Administrative Rights for a User

I just taught you how to add admin rights for a user, but if you want to remove them, you simply need to go back ot the user in the Family & other people menu. Click on the user and click Change account type.

Remove Administrative Rights -1.png

From the drop down menu for Acocunt type select Standard User then click the OK button.Remove Administrative Rights for a User -2.png

Now this account no longer has administrative rights on your Windows 10 PC.